What do you think the one thing is that farmers do most?

This will be our 18th planting season in Prattsburg and it’s time to starting the juggling act. We are still packing out last years onions. It might surprise a few people, but we work all winter packing onions. Greg is still driving to Orange county just about everyday to deliver the onions.  SO the juggle is,  when to start fitting the land and when to plant. This brings me to the one thing that farmers do.


If we plant them now and we get a frost in early May the whole crop could be lost or badly hurt. If you wait to plant then you take the chance of a late harvest and miss part of the best marketing.  If we wait and we get heavy rains the planting is delayed and that effects the crop insurance, as they give us dates that we have to plant by or we are penalized.

With all of that said we will start turning the ground over soon and the planting will start and be fast and furious! After it is done. We will wait for them to grow and do a little more worrying.

In the mean time, enjoy the sunshine and let’s do some cultimulching!