Steuben County Farm City Days

On September 23rd I set up a booth at Steuben Farm City Days at the Karr Dairy Farm in Hornell. It was a hot day and my dad came to keep me company. Our immediate neighbor to the east was the working cow barn. I am not a dairy person but after watching for the day this was the holding pen for them going to get milked.  I assumed that the cows were confused about all of the people at “their” farm. This one kicked he heals up, sat back and watched us as much as we watched her.

Back to the onions. I had purchased onion stress balls that were a huge hit! Mostly with the adults as they felt more stress than the kiddos. Everyone was interested in the small black onion seeds in the jar. People don’t really know a lot about growing onions. Yes, you can start them from sets. Yes, if you leave them in the ground for the next year they will grow again but then will produce onion seeds. Yes, you can plant them from seed in this area.  Yes, they do make you cry. Lots of questions from the young and old.