2020 What a year…

When most look back at 2020 the first thing they will think of is Covid. The  first  thing I think of is that it was a great learning year. On the farm we started over with new crops. This was our first year doing potatoes and corn  on a grand scale.  The weather was about as perfect as you could ask for hot and dry. It also meant a lot of learning on our part. Planting 280 acres of potatoes and 250 of corn takes time. Take that tractor another round and another round becomes a song stuck in your head.

Harvesting potatoes is a lot different than harvesting onions. Onions only like sunshine to harvest. Potatoes aren’t as fussy which helps! Onions all get harvested and then put in storage. Chip potatoes like to come out of the field and right into a truck. Onions go to one general place. Potatoes like to go to chips, table stock, soup and saving some for seed for next year.

Harvesting the corn once the potatoes got done was a huge project. We are happy to say that they are all harvested but it was not easy. But what isn’t in farming?

As we look back at 2020 I’d say it was a great year. We are all safe.

With the help of Mark we did get some great shots of the farm this year.

When the skies darken over the muck we all drive down to watch the storms roll in.

The promise of God’s rainbows.

A full moon over the muck is pretty darn cool.

Mark took this photo and it’s so cool!

It really doesn’t get any prettier than this. Money in the field as green as can be.

Mark, Becca and the kids planted some beans this year. We had buckets and buckets full!

Yes. That is a corn harvester out in the corn.

A full moon over the muck is pretty darn cool.