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Welcome to Squires Farms

This farm is NOT for sale.

The photo below is of the Prattsburgh “Muckland” 550 acres of black organic soil.

 Potatoes 2020

 Potatoes 2020

Cultivating Potatoes 2020

The Htech ar25 & Verbruggen vpm-7 is a time saver!

Greg, Jeff & Mark are all masters of the forklifts! But try doing this for 8 hours!

You know that song “Take the tractor for another round, another round”  In the spring it’s nothing but!

The Harvest is Done.

It seems like this might have been the longest harvest in history.…

So close yet so far

When the harvest gets close to the end it is always the hardest.…

Shuknechts Harvester at work!

Shuknechts Harvester at work! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SX9HKu63RU8