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This farm is NOT for sale.

Corn harvest for 2023.

The photo below is of the Prattsburgh “Muckland” 550 acres of black organic soil.

 Potatoes 2020

 Potatoes 2020

Cultivating Potatoes 2020

The Htech ar25 & Verbruggen vpm-7 is a time saver!

Greg, Jeff & Mark are all masters of the forklifts! But try doing this for 8 hours!

You know that song “Take the tractor for another round, another round”  In the spring it’s nothing but!

Country Onion Pie

One of my favorite recipes of all time is from a long time friend, Daniel Thompson. He gave me this recipe when I lived in Medina. Because I am very sentimental about Daniel I have taken a photo of it in his handwriting to share as well.

Undercutting the onions

Onions roots grow just below the surface on the dirt and and…

What is Muck dirt?

Muck is a soil made up of humus from drained swampland. In the…