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Steuben County Farm City Days

On September 23rd I set up a booth at Steuben Farm City Days at the Karr Dairy Farm in Hornell. It was a hot day and my dad came to keep me company. Our immediate neighbor to the east was the working cow barn. I am not a dairy person but after watching for the […]

Where has 20 years gone?

It seems like yesterday that we drove to this little town called Prattsburgh to look at a farm that was for sale. 20 years have now passed and we have watched that one farm grow into the whole valley. I have watched my son grow from a freshman in school to a man running the […]

What do you think the one thing is that farmers do most?

This will be our 18th planting season in Prattsburg and it’s time to starting the juggling act. We are still packing out last years onions. It might surprise a few people, but we work all winter packing onions. Greg is still driving to Orange county just about everyday to deliver the onions.  SO the juggle […]

Another year, Another Harvest

As another harvest starts I went back to photos that my mother-in-law, Teresa had from harvesting in the 80’s.  The kids loved being at the farm with Greg and grandma loved taking photos of them “helping”. Where does the time go? Enjoy as I look back at my kids helping on the farm.     […]

Going Hitech!

Bagging used to be 3-4 people at the end of the line filling 50lb bags, tying them, and stacking them on pallets. This year we are going Hi-Tech! We are leasing  a Htech AR25 packaging machine and a Verbruggen Palletizing Machine.  Greg, Jeff and Mark are all becoming experts at Hi-tech! So much for talking… […]

Harvest & Creamed Onions!

So the harvest of the 275 acres of onions has started! God has given us a beautiful week and we take full advantage of all nice weather! When the harvest starts Greg brings home onions! But Wait! I can’t use them. These are to see how the onions are. Are they going soft? Are they […]

Mrs. Upstate New York

We don’t get a lot of visitors on the farm so yesterday was a treat to have Jessica Lahr visit the farm. She is originally from Prattsburgh and still loves the hometown. That is why we are so proud to help sponsor her on her journey to become Mrs. New York State. Jessica is a […]